Choose your own adventure

Once a upon a time, there was a little purple sweater for a precious little girl who lives far, far away.  It was supposed to look like this (pattern from a book chrisknits sent me as a prize a long time ago)…


with little daisies stitched on after the knitting is complete.  But, once it looked like this….


the little sweater couldn’t decide if it should have little daisies embroidered on or keep it simple with little flower buttons.


Or maybe the little sweater wants flowers embroidered and flower buttons.  That’s where the little purple sweater needs your help.  If this was truly a "choose your own adventure" story, it would tell you what page to turn to.  Instead, please help the little sweater by leaving comments to let me know what to do!  I just can’t decide if it should be simple, to be more versatile, or over the top with flowers.  Thanks for your help!


6 thoughts on “Choose your own adventure

  1. My vote is for over the top! I don’t know about versatility in a toddler’s wardrobe… that seems too “business casual” for me. But that’s just my opinion – I’d like to see what actual moms (who need to dress their toddlers and might appreciate versatility) think!

  2. Being the mom and the aunt of princesses, I vote for both the buttons and the embroidery! Can never have enough flowers and cuteness (is that even a word?!?) for little girls.

  3. As a mom of a toddler girl (21 mos.), I think it definitely needs the embroidered flowers. It’s just too plain. As for the buttons, that could go either way. Since you have them, might as well use them!

  4. ditto. without the embroidery, it just looks like a sweater you could buy somewhere (although us knitters know that’s not really the case), but if you add the embroidery, it’ll really communicate how special it is that you hand knit this sweater for this child. the buttons are cute too!!!!

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