Rain, Rain, Go Away

It has been cloudy here for over a week.  Yesterday, it seriously rained for 12 hours straight, not just sprinkles, a hard, steady, drench you as you exit your car kind of rain.  It’s starting to make me cranky and it’s not lending itself well to bloggin’ since I am currently knitting something that’s dark purple and the lack of sunlight is making it virtually impossible to get good pictures of it.  So, instead, it will just be words for you today.

I promised I would do some ‘splainin’ in this post (that’s explaining for any of you unfamiliar with the southern drawl), so I will.  You may have noticed a post from my friends, Jen and Robin, last week.  They are among my best friends from college.  They know everything about me and did not know about my ‘blog.  They knew that I knit, but I don’t think that the extent was fully understood until I visited Jen almost two weeks ago and taught her how to knit.  She picked it up really fast and taught Robin how to knit.  She has plans to teach another girl how to knit this weekend.  Jen has already finished a scarf and one piece on a child’s sweater and Robin finished a scarf and is thinking about future projects.  I have created a monster, and I love it.  At any rate, I showed Jen my blog and now my secret is out.  Jen has acknowledged the addictive qualities of knitting and I couldn’t agree more.

As far as what I’m knitting now, I’m working on a cardigan for Jen’s daughter.  She is 18 months old and is the cutest thing ever.  I’ve finished the two front pieces and the back.  Now I’m working on the sleeves.  Why are the sleeves always the slowest parts?  I think for me it’s because I expect them to go quickly since they aren’t as wide and they never quite do.  I’m doing them both at the same time and hope to finish it by this weekend.


5 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. Isn’t it weird how you kind of have to “come out” as a blogger to certain people? I mean, it’s a really big part of my life–it’s how I met a ton of people in two different knitting groups here in Chicago–and it’s hard to keep it out of conversations with people who don’t know. My whole family doesn’t know. But I’m only a Google away…
    Anyway congratulations on adding two new members to the cult. The next thing you know, they’ll be asking for help setting up Typepad! 🙂
    Hope it stops raining soon.

  2. Most – erm, all – of my RL knitting friends don’t know I have a blog. Hasn’t come up. Good work on the monster-creating!
    To avoid SecondSleeveSyndrome on one sweater, I did the sleeves first. The back flew by. Then 12 rows into the front… nothing. Stalled out. I avoided it for a few weeks. Then life happened and the partial sweater front evaporated. I haven’t seen it for months – I’d LOVE to finish the sweater, but I can’t find the little I’d done and I really want those needles back!
    Next sweater was all in one piece. (Top-down raglan.) The body and the sleeves all went by just fine. Then… to the bottom edge. It’s been stalled out there for weeks. I’ve woven in as many ends as I could but not knit the last two inches on the bottom. Thankfully, the size it is, the sweater-in-progress won’t be misplaced. But will it be finished?
    Erm, hope that doesn’t scare you from your plans to be done by the weekend. 😮

  3. yep, most of my friends are unaware of my blog too. it’s like another life online! a great one, though! 🙂
    maybe you should go swimming in that rain – might as well make use of it!

  4. Good for you for passing on the knitting bug! Heidi also makes a good point about coming out as a blogger to folks in our lives that don’t know. Friends know about my blog but don’t read it because they’re just not into knitting.

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