Hello, Wavy


I finished Wavy while watching girly movies and eating treats with one of my best friends, who just learned to knit, and some of her friends who were knitting and crocheting.  It was so fun to hang out with other people who "get it".  Wavy made it’s debut yesterday and got lots of compliments.  I LOVE the two colors.  On to the details, made with 2 balls of Cascade 220 from the Knitty pattern, it only contains 9 repeats instead of 10 but is still plenty long. 


6 thoughts on “Hello, Wavy

  1. Sorry Sarah! You’re secret is out and I’m afraid I’ve gotten you in trouble….Robin has one question…
    “WHERE’S MY SCARF?????”
    (oh, and PS…she just BOUGHT a knitted poncho last weekend…little did she know that one of her best friends was a knitting genius…)
    But seriously, after surfing your site, we’re both very impressed with your projects! I’ve got about 4 inches to go on my scarf!
    Wish you were here! we miss you and luv you!!

  2. may i ask? about how long was your scarf in length before the wavy pattern began to show itself? i have unknit ten inches twice as it looked like nothing!! should i give up or can it be possible to have a similarly beautiful scarf you made? yours is quite lovely! i simply cant understand why this pattern is not getting thru to me .. thanks 🙂

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