Addin’ Up

Row Counter, How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!

Yes, I’m working on the Wavy scarf and my row counter is my new best friend.  In past projects, I would put the row counter on the needles and use it for the first few rows and then I would just forget to click it over so it was useless.  With the Wavy scarf, it has saved me many a froggin’ I’m sure.  I’m really enjoying this scarf because it’s a fairly simple pattern, but it’s enough to keep me interested and make me pay attention.

Otherwise, I’m just working and getting stuff done for my thesis.  This weekend will be a thesis writing extravaganza, since I don’t currently have any other plans.  Then, next weekend I get to go to Utah to see one of my best friends.  I’m very excited about that.


3 thoughts on “Addin’ Up

  1. I haven’t done the wavy scarf, but I know that another life saver is running a contrasting line through the last row of a lace repeat. The pattern I am using has a 10 row repeat. I move a sticky note up on the pattern grid as I finish each row. And then when I finish row 10 I pull a thread through all the stitches, then go on. Once I made and error and had to rip-but only went back to my safety net thread. I know if I had had to rip it all I would have not restarted the shawl!

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