This year, I’m setting out several New Years Goals.  I guess they are resolutions, but they differ from your typical "pie in the sky" resolutions.  Here they are…

1.  Ride the MS150.  I think I’ve mentioned this one before.  We will probably be starting a cycling blog to allow people to monitor our progress, so I’ll link it when we do.  It’s a bicycle ride from Houston to Austin, a long way.  I’m both excited and nervous about this adventure, but it will be good.

2.  Finish my thesis. The goal is to graduate in May and I’m going to do everything in my power to make it happen.  I’m already dreaming of evenings spent reading whatever I want and not thinking about anything in addition to work.  It will be quite nice.  Now, to give up my life for the next several months to make that dream a reality.

3.  Work on the house.  We have lots of honey do’s and I have several rooms I want to paint.  Even just simple things like hanging pictures have gone undone and I’d like to make some progress on those.

That’s it.  Those are big goals (especially the first two), but I think they are attainable.  And, yes, I will still knit.  It is my "immediate future" goal to complete my mom’s afghan by the end of January and to enjoy knitting from my stash for a little while.


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