Okay, okay…I am giving in and revealing the Super Secret Project. This picture stinks, though. I had to use a flash which more vividly exposes my use of different dyelots. In real life, you can’t tell the difference unless you know it’s there. I just couldn’t find enough balls of the yarn in a single yarn store. Yes, I could have ordered it, but as you can see, I didn’t. The Super Secret Project was the Great American Aran Afghan. I made it for my mom. Well, I almost made it. I am short two squares and the border, but it will be complete soon. Here’s the work in progress*…


As I mentioned, I did give it to her and she liked it. It’s nice to give presents to fellow crafters who understand the committment that you make to a project like this.  The gifties didn’t end there.  I also made a felted tote for my mom’s friend, Shanon.  I had originally intended to make a design of my own, but the time crunch hit, so I used a tote bag pattern from Two Old Bags. 


I felted it while I was in Nashville, so she could see the before and after.  I also received some great gifts while we were making the Christmas rounds.  One of my favorites is this knitting bag that my mom and sister made for me.


It says "If Sarah is sitting she is knitting.  There is a time to weep and a time to laugh but there is never enough time to knit."

*I tried to make it so you could click on it to make it bigger, with no luck.  I’ll take better pics in the daylight soon.


2 thoughts on “Gifties

  1. That afghan is amazing! I’d love to see a bigger photo of it, or at least close ups of some of the squares. I’m glad to hear that you had a nice Christmas. The bag your mom and sister made is very cool. You’re a lucky girl!
    Happy New Year!

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