Land of the living

We just got back from travelling for the Christmas holiday today and I am wiped out. We went from Houston to Arkansas and from Arkansas to Nashville then from Nashville to Houston today. 6 planes in 6 days. I’ll grace these pages with a "real" post soon, but for now, a few things to start the re-telling of my Christmas break, with a knitterly spin.

– I didn’t finish the super secret project. But, the recipient was appreciative and did get to see the progress.*

– I did finish the rest of my Christmas presents. There were only 3 total, but they were cool.

– I got a great new knitting bag.

– I still have four more days to rest, relax, and organize my house before work starts up again.

*Oh, you want to know what the super secret project is? You’ve waited this long, what’s another day, right?


2 thoughts on “Land of the living

  1. Why are you torturing me?! I want to see the Super Secret Project!
    You must have so many sky miles from all your jet-settin’ around. You ought to use them to come up to Georgia sometime (and bring the damn super secret knitting project with you)!
    Have a great rest of your vacation!

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