Three Days Left

Who’s counting?  I am. Only three more work days until the end of this week and I don’t have to come back to work until next year!  Sounds very dramatic, doesn’t it? 

Today more got added to my plate.  The husband called and there is a Christmas party to go to tonight that he wasn’t going to go to but then he found out that there would be free food and low and behold we’re going.  My cousin emailed me and is spending the night at our house Friday night.  I’m excited to see her and that she felt comfortable enough to ask to stay, but that means I have laundry to do to get the guest room ready.  It’s going to be a "win win" situation for us, though.  To avoid a very long story, it’s going to enable us to avoid parking our car at the airport when we leave for Christmas.  That means not paying for parking (yay!).  I love being busy, though, so this time of year suits me just fine.

Tommorow I’ll try to have pictures of all my recent crafty pursuits, including my adventure this evening in making bread.  Okay, so maybe it’s not crafty, but I do get to make it into rolls.  That’s creative, right?


4 thoughts on “Three Days Left

  1. So explain how having Khristy at your house on Friday night is going to make it to where you dont have to park your car at the airport. I am confused!

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