The long weekend involved knitting my little hands off.  Okay, my hands aren’t that little (my husband says they are freakishly large) and they are still attached to my arms, but they’re  a bit sore from the overuse.  I worked on the Super Secret Project quite a bit.  I completed 15% of it over the weekend, which brings me up to 55% completion.  That doesn’t seem like much, but it will when it is finally revealed.  It’s BIG!  I think I’m on pace to finish it in time, which makes me very happy.  It’s nice to be past the halfway point.

I also worked on one of 4 ponchos I have promised to make for friends.  I always overextend myself.  Always.  It sounded like a great idea at the time.  I’m still excited about doing this for them because they are SO excited about having ponchos.  And, I’m almost finished with the first one after knitting for just a couple of hours, so they will go fast.  I am hoping to finish these up by early next week so I can devote myself to the Super Secret Christmas Present.  It currently seems do-able, but we’ll see.

Otherwise, this weekend consisted of making my first turkey dinner, hosting three exchange students for their first traditional Thanksgiving dinner and purchasing my first "day after Thanksgiving" bargain (that I can remember).  I found a suede jacket for $40 that was originally $130.  It’s super cute.  Now I want to get some suede yarn to make a scarf to match it.  Maybe after Christmas.  We did have a great holiday but I was okay with coming back to work and getting back into some sort of schedule.  I like routine, as much as I hate to admit it. 


One thought on “Thanksknitting

  1. I don’t remember you having ‘man-hands’ or anything! If they are big…well that’s just knitting muscles, darling. Oh, and uh, where’d ya get the deal on the suede jacket?

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