Scarf it up! 

My first project from the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book has already been completed!  And gifted!  I made the Airy scarf for my friend, Candace, for her birthday.  We went out to dinner on Saturday night and had a fabulous time!  Here’s the scarf close-up.


I didn’t get a good picture of it from a distance, but it looks really nice.  It’s basically a short, fashion type scarf, rather than a warmth scarf.  That was perfect, since it doesn’t get very cold in Texas.  She put it straight on and wore it for the remainder of the night, which I think is a pretty good indication.  Then, when I got to work this morning, I had this waiting for me.


The snowman is wearing a black scarf, just like the one I made her!  She’s so sweet and I was very excited to start the week off with such a fun card!  Much knitting happened this weekend, so hopefully this week will be full of updates of the projects I’m working on.  I’m also working on the super secret project, I’m just continuing to work on easier projects in conjunction with it because I don’t always have the concentration to work on the super secret project.  More this week!


One thought on “Scarf it up! 

  1. I love the Airy Scarf.
    I am making it now.
    As simple as it is though, I can’t understand why I come up with 21 stitches after doing the yo, k2tog row.
    Did you have any problems with it?

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