I’d rather be knitting…

but instead, I’m working on my thesis.  I am forcing myself to finish my thesis proposal today so I can meet with my thesis chair next week to iron out the method and get this puppy submitted to the human subjects board by the very beginning of January at the latest.  I finished my friend’s scarf and will finish the SuperBaby sweater on a thesis break.  Had to frog on the Super Secret Project, which was depressing, but I’m happy I did it.  I had messed up big time.  Okay, enough procrastinating.  At least it’s a yucky day outside so I don’t feel like going anywhere.  Back to work.


2 thoughts on “I’d rather be knitting…

  1. I used to reward myself with knitting time when I was writing my thesis – something like, rework table of contents…knit 30 minutes. Write for 30 minutes…knit for two hours and watch a movie. It really works 😉

  2. obviously, you would rather be knitting than answering this silly question, but i am looking for a sticker that says just that, “i’d rather be knitting.”

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