Projects out my ears!

This week I have been knitting.  I probably haven’t made as much progress on my Super Secret project as I need to, but I’ve gotten some other things done.  The SuperBaby sweater is almost finished.  I just need to seam the sleeves.  My eyes were crossing last night after seaming the rest of it and I decided it was wiser to let it rest until today.  Earlier in the week, I got a coupon in my email from a book store and could not resist the temptation to go buy a book.  Who can resist a 20% off coupon?  So, after much deliberation, I bought this one that I’ve been wanting for some time.


This book is fabulous (you can see more here). I think I’ve mentioned it before, but my favorite part is that it groups projects by the amount of time it might take you to make it. I think that’s really an innovative way of grouping things. It also has simple projects that can be personalized with your creativity. I love that, too. I’m also a sucker for great pictures and it’s full of them. I highly recommend it if you make a lot of gifts. I have already started a project from it for a birthday party this weekend. It’s a scarf using Kidsilk Haze and I had enough left from Birch to make it. Gotta love the stashbusters. Once I finish the scarf and seam the SuperBaby sweater, I will put in some work on the secret project. I am trying so hard not to procrastinate. Wish me luck.


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