A few rows short

So the SuperBaby sweater is all knitted and just needs to be assembled, technically.  Except for the fact that I didn’t realize until I had bound off that one sleeve was a bit too short…like 4 rows short.  How is this possible?  My measuring abilities have clearly failed me.  What to do now?  Part of me says, the parents will never really notice (I can’t tell when I set the sweater out to look assembled) and that the baby is only going to be able to wear it for a little while, but I know that in order to be truly satisfied with it, frogging is probably necessary.  Add this one to my doofus knitting moments.  I took a picture, but I’m too bitter to show you right now, maybe later.  🙂

Still knitting along on my super secret Christmas present and getting ideas for other gifts.  I always have more ideas than I have time to knit.  Lots of people are making lists on their blogs, so I will show you my list of current and upcoming projects.

1.  Super Secret Christmas Project – 40% complete.  I hope to finish the knitting by the end of November so I can have plenty of time to block and assemble it.

2.  Harry Potter Scarf – You saw it earlier, it still needs the ends woven in and fringe on the edges.

3.  Illusion Scarf – This one is currently debateable.  I’m trying to only make things that I know will be appreciated by the recipients and I’m not sure if that side of the family would appreciate my efforts, so it’s fate is undecided.  It’s really cute so I may just save it for another little girl down the road.

4.  Felted bag for another Christmas Gift – I think I’m going to use the unbiased pattern from knitty and make it felted like Lauren is working on, but I may wait and see how hers turns out.  I predict it’s going to be great!

5.  Some flower washcloths and dishcloths to add to other gifts – I’ll be making two flower washcloths and finishing a third.  Then, I might make some dishcloths for other gifts or just for me, depending on time. 

That’s all the Christmas knitting that I have.  Wow, that actually makes me feel better.  Only having five items (one of which may be eliminated) makes it feel possible.  This has been a rather uneventful post, but it helped organize my brain which can sometime be a task.  I’ll post pics of the SuperBaby sweater in progress later, when I can better face the frogging reality.  🙂


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