How it goes

I didn’t think I’d have anything to show you anytime soon since I’m consumed with Christmas gift knitting, but I actually made something I can show you.  Only to realize this morning that the camera batteries are dead and I can’t find the charger.  Isn’t that just how it goes? 

Instead, I will rely on your imagination.  This weekend I completed the front, back and one sleeve of a SuperBaby sweater for my best friend from high school and his wife who are expecting their first child (a boy) the beginning of December.  I call it the SuperBaby sweater because the body of it is red and the sleeves are red and blue striped.  I picked the colors because they were in my stash (yay!) and my friend is in the Army so I thought it would be patriotic.  Instead, it reminds me of the Super Man emblem, but it’s cute either way.  I hope to knock the other sleeve out tonight and get to seaming it up.  I need to mail it by this weekend and think I might make a hat to go with it. 

I had Thursday and Friday off which was fabulous, but now it’s back to work.  I was actually kind of excited about coming back but I sure did enjoy having the time to get caught up on things at home.  It got cold outside (okay, cold for Houston, which is like 50s and 60s) while I was gone and apparantly noone turned the heat on in this side of the office so I have to go fix that while my fingers still have feeling in them.


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