That word pretty much sums up my weekend. I did a whole bunch of nothing. Do you ever feel like doing absolutely nothing? I didn’t even feel like knitting. I did a little, though. Most of the weekend was me parked on the couch watching tv doing nothing. I have to admit it was nice and it actually prepared me to get busy this morning. I’ve been ultra-productive at work, which always makes the day go faster.

I cast on for my acrylic poncho last night. I’m only a few rows into it, so I’m not far enough along to tell if I like the fabric it’s producing. I was too lazy to do a gauge swatch since it’s a poncho, so while gauge matters, it’s not essential. Once there’s enough progress to report, I’ll post a picture. My other crafty adventure was cross stitching Christmas ornaments. I finished a gingerbread man. Well, I almost finished a ginger bread man. I did everything except the french knots. Why are these so hard for me? Anybody know a place I can find an easy explanation? I’ve been cross-stitching since I was like 5 and I’ve never been able to do french knots correctly. At this point, I think it’s more a mental block than anything else. He’s super cute and I look forward to making more!


4 thoughts on “Lethargic

  1. I find that if you wrap the thread around two or three times (depends on how many strands you’re using)and then hold the thread semi-taut while you put the needle in the fabric, then pull it through just until it touches the top of the knot, it usually works pretty well. Sometimes if you put your nail on the little knot while you’re pulling the thread through it, it keeps it from being pulled through.

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