Off the Face of the Earth

Yes, I did fall off the face of the earth. It’s weird how completely changing your regular schedule will really mess you up. As I mentioned before I left, I spent the last two weeks in Dallas for work. Basically, I’m a recruiter for a college, so I spend time in the fall in various places in Texas telling people about my school. I am the college day girl. My favorite question of the week was, “What do you do at your school?”, my answer, “umm…this”. 🙂 I am always inspired and often shocked by the high school fashions and also surprised by the influence of television. Students always ask about professions that are popular on tv right now. This year, it’s paint and body work due to American Choppers and Monster Garage. The CSI madness is continuing. My friend had a girl ask her if she could be a medical examiner without touching the dead bodies. She said “I don’t want to touch them or anything, I just want to figure out how they died”. And, since a movie is coming out on firefighters, we got that question quite a bit, too. But now, I’m home for a couple of weeks. Next week, I’ll have a normal schedule and the week after that I’ll be doing college fairs in my area. I’m so happy to be home.

I bought some cheap acrylic to venture into poncho making. I haven’t started it yet, but I think it’s going to cost me a whopping $4, so it’s okay if I don’t wear it all the time. I spent a lot of time working on my big Christmas present over the past week and I’m almost 25% finished with it. I also bought a cross-stitching book that has all sorts of Christmas things in it, so that’s exciting. I think I’m going to make some ornaments! I am such a Christmas nut. I did a bunch of shopping while I was gone and I think between those presents and the ones I’m making, I’m almost halfway there. I am now trying to slow myself down so I have more things to buy when the Christmas season shopping rolls around. I’m not big on rushing holidays (I mean it’s not even halloween yet), but I do want to be prepared so I don’t feel stressed when the holidays roll around.

Must knit, relax, unpack. clean, do laundry, knit and relax some more. 🙂 Happy weekend!


One thought on “Off the Face of the Earth

  1. I, too, understand the obsession with Christmas. (Okay, maybe you don’t have an obsession, but I do!) Wanna hear something sad? I was at work at the gas station tonight, and it was DEAD–no one in sight for nearly half and hour. I was flipping through my CDs and came to a burned one I had entitled, “Orchestral Christmas.” Do you see what’s coming? Sure enough, I put it in, cranked it up, and scrubbed the floors to Chistmas music in September. And actually, since it was strictly music, no singing, even when people did start coming in, no one even noticed! (I have been known to clean the house to Christmas music in July, just because I felt like it. I know I’m weird!)

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