New Yarn

Once something is finished*, I instantly turn to what’s next. For now, the next thing will be Christmas gifts. I really don’t want to wait to the last minute to get these completed, so I’m trying to make some progress on them now. One of them I should be able to show you but the other one will remain top secret until after Christmas. I’m planning to get through with a few of those projects and then I’ll get to use my new yarn! This is the yarn I got from the Webs summer sale (excuse my stash in the background).


On the left is the gray yarn, which is a cashmere/merino wool blend. On the right is a couple of skeins of dark blue in the back with some light blue in the front which are an angora blend. The color for the blues is a bit better in this picture.


At first, I was really disappointed. The yarn was rough to the touch and I thought cashmere blends were supposed to be soft! However, the website said the yarn gets softer after washing it, so I thought I’d try it. I swatched with it and gave it a bath in the sink. Once it dried, it was SO soft. Soft enough even that my husband expressed an interest in a sweater out of it (which he has never done). So, the gray stuff will go for a sweater for Jason and an entry into the Man-Along if I get to it in time. I have a feeling it will be a top down raglan of some sort, but need to talk to him a bit more about it. I want to make sure it is exactly what he wants. If I can get gauge with it, the blue yarn will be a sweater for me. I’m considering the Huntington Castle sweater from the latest Interweave Knits (it’s on the cover). But, I may just make a sweater with some stripes in it or something.

My dilemma is, do I wash the yarn before I knit it? I think it might be more pleasant to work with that way but is it really worth the effort? Any input would be helpful. For now, I must stay on task. Christmas knitting is the order of the day, but soon this yarn will find it’s way to the needles.

*Thanks for all the comments on Audrey, you guys are so nice! 🙂


One thought on “New Yarn

  1. personally i’d just wait to wash it, unless it’s just really icky to work with. you could spend that washing time knitting! and your audrey looks great, by the way.

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