The “real” Purple Penny


The brief photo shoot on the way out the door just didn’t do Purple Penny justice. My cameraman humored me and took some more when we got home from work.* Today I got complimented on this sweater and the colors that I selected, even when they didn’t know I made it. That was really cool. It was fun to say “thanks, I made it”. One woman told me I had a “hidden talent”. I guess I never really thought about my knitting as a talent, it’s just something that I do. But I consider it talent in others. Hmmm…


I thought the Purple Penny was the perfect opportunity to do “the Rachael“. I hadn’t busted that move before, but I thought it was appropriate today.


Speaking of busting moves, this is the ever-famous dancing shot. I had troubles coming up with dances today so I went with the default groove. The look on my face is the “what dance should I do” look. These photos haven’t been retouched, I guess the sun just changed positions while we were outside making them look different.

I guess you might want to know the specs. The pattern is Bad Penny created by Stef. I made this using some of the yarn that Chris sent me during Secret Pal round 1 (thanks!). It is Gedifra Wellness. I still have a ball and a half left! It was fun to work with and I enjoyed wearing it today. The trim is Microspun that I had left over from a baby set I made a while ago. So, this one was a stash buster. I didn’t purchase any new yarn for Purple Penny! Yay!

*I decided today at work that it is long enough so it will remain as is…I’ll probably make the next one a bit longer, just to add variety.


9 thoughts on “The “real” Purple Penny

  1. Your Penny looks great! I am inspired to cruise forward on mine — just started the last ball of the body yarn. I also knit the collar already because I was so eager to see the contrast. Excellent work there!

  2. I’m very sorry to inform you that the real “Purple Penny” is alive and well in Monroe Iowa. She earned the name in high school and is true to form 20 years later .. Purple hair , purple kitchen , purple carpet and leads a very Purple life . Being Purple is more than just a style ,,,…. Will the real Purple Penny Please Stand Up.
    Write back if you have time , Ramblin Rob .
    Purple Penny’s love slave

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