Purple Penny

There ya have it, purple penny is complete! This isn’t the greatest picture but it’s the best we could do as we were running out the door this morning. There were several firsts with this project. First time I used continental style knitting, first time I have been meticulous about going back to correct mistakes, and the first time I am completely happy with the quality of the garment! Today will be the test to see if I go back and lengthen it. I have plenty of leftover yarn, so it’s just a matter of the extra time to correct it. So far, it’s okay. We’ll just see how I feel about it by the end of the day. In the “things I would do differently” department, there are only two: Possibly make it longer and make the collar lower. It’s kind of high in the front which I’m not used to. I finished this puppy on Friday night and got to cast on for a Christmas present. I made mad progress on the present and I’m not tired of it yet so I’ll probably continue with that project for a little while.


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