Happy Frogday!

Okay, so I know that in knitting froggin’ isn’t generally a good thing. But, isn’t this little critter cute? He was caught hanging out in my front yard this week. He was just hanging in a little hole in the drain cover. He let me get really close before letting go. Jason thinks that he was a young frog and didn’t know that he should be scared. T-Bone was not interested, despite our recent discovery of a dead frog near his crate. At any rate, I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I do and that you have a Happy Frogday!
Reasons I’ll have a Happy Frogday –

1. Purple Penny is long enough and almost finished!
2. I’ve decided to go for it on Helga (thanks to the encouragement and some great online help I found).
3. I’m going to meet Carrie (more on that soon)!
(edited to add) 4. I just ordered some Cashmere blend yarn AND the new Rowan Mag!


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