Season’s Greetings

I’ve missed my blog! I finally got a new laptop on Sunday and then had to leave to go to a conference for work, so I haven’t had a chance to post. My new laptop rocks! My old one (which was less than a year old) bit the dust and I had the Best Buy Service Plan. My laptop model happened to be one of the lucky few that they don’t keep parts for, so I got a new one! I did an almost even trade (with the exception of the $100 rebate I had cashed in) and got a better, quicker machine. It has better graphics and moves more quickly than my previous laptop.

I have been knitting, but I’m in the thick of Christmas knitting (thus the Season’s Greetings title) so I can’t really post about it. As for projects I can post about, I’m hoping to finally felt Sophie tonight. I’m not sure if I’m going to want to embellish it with anything so I’m going to felt it and decide if it needs a flower or something. I’m excited to see how it felts. I’m also hoping to start up on the final large piece of Audrey, the front. Only the front, neckband, and a ton of seaming stand between me and a completed Audrey. I am battling startitis like crazy right now! I am trying to limit myself to three projects in progress at a time, but finding that to be a challenge, especially since I think the two Christmas presents I’m working on are going to take me until Christmas! We don’t have any major weekend plans for the next few weeks, so hopefully that will equal more knitting time for me! Pictures of the Sophie Felting Adventure coming soon!


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