Gadgets, Half Price

Yesterday, I had an hour long knitting shopping excursion during lunch. Who needs food when you can get knitting gadgets for half-price? I really went to Hobby Lobby to look for knitting needles (they had all needles and gadgets 50% off), hoping they’d have some Clover Bamboo circulars, but they only had the ones I already had. But, I forgot about the plethora of knitting gadgets that I might not pay full price for, but I’m all over paying half price for them. I got 6 cable needles, 4 stitch holders, 4 end protectors, a container of brightly colored stitch markers, a neat little tapestry needle holder with 2 needles, and 2 row counters for $10. I think I may be forgetting a few things, too. Then, I went to the LYS that’s down the street and started buying yarn for my Christmas presents. Now that I’ve decided I like this yarn store, I try to buy things from them when they have them, so I checked them first before ordering online. They didn’t have one color I was looking for so I’ll order that this week.

The LYS did have the new Interweave Knits, so that was exciting. I snatched it right up since I had heard good things online and I generally enjoy it, even when there aren’t a ton of things I’m interested in knitting. The things I would really like to knit in this issue are the chair and the felted floral bag. The chair is just fun and looks so cozy. We have plenty of room in the new house for a chair or two, so I may look into making a couple someday. I just think the bag is beautiful and it would be a good way for me to practice multi-color knitting. Felted items tend to be a bit more forgiving of mistakes, so it would be good for me to start with something like that. It would definitely be a challenge for me.

I got home last night and put all my new gadgets in my handy dandy needle holder that Chris gave me during Secret Pal round 1. We also went for a walk, which was nice and we need to do more often. Then, I watched Amazing Race and worked on Purple Penny (thank goodness for basic stockinette). I just love this show and I’m not sad to see Alison go. It did stink that they went from first to last but they are so mean to each other, which makes it kind of painful to watch. I was impressed that the Bowling Moms pulled through and finished higher than they thought they would. I was worried for a minute there.


3 thoughts on “Gadgets, Half Price

  1. Oh, how I love gadgets! Gadgets half price, though….woooohoooo! Extra prayers for the laptop….I’m doing the dialup thing here because we had wicked lightning storms yesterday and kaBLAM…dsl and email server went down. sigh.
    I forgot how much I love my dsl.
    Granted, I’m getting a fair amount of knitting done waiting for pages to load, but STILL…….

  2. Lissa likes the daughter and father (the one who gashed open his leg) and roots for them. I didnt like Alison on Big Brother last year and so am not sorry to see them gone. However Lissa and I havent gotten to watch it yet since our cable went out because of storms right when it started. So we are looking forward to Saturday night to watch it.

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