A Post of Excuses

Hi! Today, I present to you, the post of excuses.
Excuse #1: I don’t have any pictures because my laptop, on which I edit said photos for size constraints, is currently injured. We formatted the hard drive because it had some funky stuff on it and now we can’t get the CD drive to read the installation or set-up disks. That’s a problem. So, my husband is working like a crazy man to try to get me back up and running. I am just past the point of putting the sleeves on stitch holders on my Purple Penny version of Bad Penny. Now, there’s just miles of stockinette stitch to go before I can put the fun ribbing on the bottom, sleeves and collar. I really don’t mind it, since I put so many of the stitches on hold, the rounds are a piece of cake. It’s great “no concentrating tv watching” knitting, so I’ll be using it tonight as I watch the Amazing Race.

Excuse #2: I am starting my Christmas knitting, so you may not get to see many of my upcoming projects. It’s going to be so hard for me to keep a secret for that long. I have to start now, so I don’t cut it down to the wire. I’m actually only planning to make two items, at this point, but one of them is big.

Excuse #3: I haven’t felted Sophie yet (not that you could see pictures if I had) because my washing machine has been busy with, of all things, laundry. 🙂 I just can’t get caught up and there’s only two of us! I can’t imagine the laundry you guys face with kids! I am hoping to use Sophie as my motivation to finish it up tonight, so maybe the bag can be felted! Okay, enough with the excuses, I’ve got to get back to work! 🙂


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