Joys of Homeownership

This week has been full of the joys of homeownership. We have a few warranty issues with our builder (who has responded promptly and efficiently), but unfortunately they are having different people come out like every day. So, I stayed home yesterday morning to hang out with the plumber and my husband is home today to hang out with the sheet rockers. One of us will hang out either Monday or Tuesday to have the house open for the new sink installation in the guest bathroom. I guess you can’t complain about getting out of work, but it kinda stinks to take vacation just to sit at your house. This weekend I think I’m going to do some landscaping if the weather holds out. Some of the bushes they put in are just not pretty so I think a visit to the garden center is called for.

I still haven’t felted Sophie, I’m anxious to have it finished, but I keep remembering it right before I’m going to bed. Last night, I repaired a baby blanket that I made almost a year ago. It had a hole and it was too big for grafting, so the fix isn’t pretty but it’s solid so the baby won’t get caught up in it. Apparantly, she sleeps with it almost every night. 🙂 It’s so amazing to see something you’ve made get some use. Once again, I have to applaud Microspun because this stuff is solid. It’s been getting nightly use for almost a year and it’s in great shape (minus the hole, but that kind of thing happens). Otherwise, I got gauge for and cast on for Purple Penny (my version of Bad Penny from Knitty), but I’m only a few rows in. I’m also getting somewhat started on Christmas knitting so there may be some “secret” projects on the horizon. Happy Friday to ya!


2 thoughts on “Joys of Homeownership

  1. Well, we all know what wait time is good for, don’t we? I expect to see a lot of FOs if your house headaches continue. But hopefully, they won’t.

  2. Welcome to the world of Homeownership! It only keeps getting better and better (read that with a sarcastic tone) :)))))))) Hope you have a wonderful weekend! XXOO

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