Back to Work

Well, it’s back to work for me today. We don’t have today off and it was so surreal to drive to work without traffic. It makes you wonder if it’s really Monday. We had a good weekend. I finished my Critter Knitter blanket (minus the weaving of the ends), which turned out quite patriotic. I hadn’t planned that, I was just using up leftovers. It’s not the prettiest blanket, since I learned Continental on it and I was using up leftovers. But, the kitty that receives it will not complain, I’m sure.

I also did grocery shopping and got the house back in order after being sick. It’s nice to feel like you’re accomplishing things again. I never thought of myself as domestic, but I’m turning out to be quite that way. I get so excited about the silliest things, like deciding what we’ll eat at night and planning it all out. It’s fun, though. Last night we went to some friends’ house and I took a Mexican Layer Dip and brought home an empty dish. Guess they liked it. We also shot off our own fireworks along with everyone else in their neighborhood so we got quite a show. Well, onto the next project. I think I’m going to use this purple yarn for a version of Bad Penny. The light purple is Microspun I had leftover from some baby projects from last year. The dark purple is Gedifra Wellness sent to me by my knitting secret pal (thanks, Chris!)I need to play with it and see how gauge will work, etc., but I’m excited about it. Then I’ll keep on working on Audrey, too.


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