Well, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, I just got sick. Sicker than I’ve been in a long time. I guess it’s a cold or something, but it did a number on me. I started feeling bad on Tuesday, but just thought I was tired. By Tuesday night, I was in bed early feeling awful. I had to call in Wednesday and was literally awake for about 5 hours all day. I went to work yesterday and went to bed at about 8 p.m. This morning I’m feeling much better. I feel like I’m finally snot-free. 🙂 I have been so sick that I haven’t even been knitting. I did work on some embroidery that I got from Sublime Stitching. I made a fingertip towel for my husband’s friend that is in a bowling league. It was super fun, but I’ve been so sick that I didn’t take a picture. It had bowling pins and a bowling ball with their team name on it and a little silver crown over the team name. He said she really liked it. Otherwise, I cast on for another Critter Knitter’s blanket. I think that will be my “charity of choice” this month and then I’ll make some squares for Mason Dixon next month. Just working to use up the stash of yarn that I don’t want to use for anything else. This weekend I’m in another wedding, so I’ll be leaving today to head to the festivities. Then, Sunday, I’ll be sleepin’ and knittin’ so hopefully I’ll have some progress to show you! Have a great weekend!


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