Weekend Inventory

I did get a few minutes to take inventory of my stash and clean up a bit this weekend. Unfortunately, I cannot find a tank that I started last year and never finished. The yarn would be perfect to put with the yarn I got from the stash redistribution project, but I can’t find it, so I’ll have to come up with an alternative. Anyway, I discovered that I have entirely too much Microspun and now I have a nice amount of Karabella Zodiac. That is, after I transformed the beginning of Zoe into nice little balls (you’ll find the before pic on the left and after on the right). Basically, I have more yarn than I know what to do with and I’m ordering more (as always). But, I finished the Audrey sleeves so I think I’m going to take a few minutes to knit on some fun small projects before I dive back into the front of Audrey. Only the front piece and the collar to go. After looking through the yarn stash, I’ve decided that the following are on the agenda….
1. Honeymoon from Knitty (go see Julia’s Honeymoon Gallery and you’ll want to make one too!)
2. Bad Penny from Knitty (by the fabulous Stef)
3. A Shapely Tank from Whitelies Designs
4. Squares and blankets for the Afghanalong and Critter Knitters (see links above left)
There’s yarn for more than just this in my stash, but this is on the agenda for the near future. I’m working hard to work through some of my stash so I’ll have plenty of room for more!


One thought on “Weekend Inventory

  1. Hooray for Honeymoon! One revealing tank per year is definitely not enough – I’m working on my second! 🙂
    I’m battling my stash, too, but somehow I just keep getting more yarn!

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