Overwhelmed, but Good

Do you ever just feel overwhelmed by the number of projects you have the desire to work on at a time? I am totally there. So, this weekend, I’m going to spend some time with my stash doing a bit of prioritizing. Here’s my “to do” list.
#1 – Finish the Audrey sleeves. Last night I made it almost to the point where the sleeve cap begins, so I truly am in the downhill stretch.
#2 – Take the yarn off of the crazy shelves in my yarn closet
#3 – Sort through the yarn, determining what can be used for afghan squares and critter blankets and what “needs” a project.
#4 – Take out the projects that have run out of gas and put them out of their misery. Can you hear the ripping from there? Oh, wait, that’s me screaming. Repeat with me – ripping can be good, ripping is your friend.
#5 – Dream about the projects to come and line up the next couple of things in line.
I’m excited to have some time to do this. The house is still relatively clean with just a few things that need to be done, so between wedding festivities this weekend, a stash organization will commence. I’m hoping this will stop the current yarn buying spree that I feel myself slowly giving into.


4 thoughts on “Overwhelmed, but Good

  1. I have been doing exactly that! I love looking at my yarn, and re-organizing it. I can not believe how much yarn I forget I have. Oh well. A girl can never have too much.

  2. Yep. Everytime I’m not sure where to begin, I come to the computer and read blogs instead. I sure do get a lot of blog reading done. If I just used that time to knit knit knit I’d finish up projects in no time. But then I’d lose out on the fun of blogging. So many choices…so little time. I have a list like yours somewhere…now where did I put it?

  3. Yeah, if I could knit at work as often as I read knitting blogs, I would finish a sweater a week. Seriously.
    It’s always good to list everything out like that…but if you have to buy new yarn, you have to buy new yarn. 🙂

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