A typical day

Not much to blog about. I’m sitting at my desk with a big fat daddy coke/pop/soda (enter your regionally based name here). I just finished the proper thing to eat for breakfast, yogurt, and I think I’m about to move on to the improper thing to eat for breakfast, a candy bar. Nothing like knocking out 25% of your daily fat in the first hour of the day. Oh well. The last couple of days have just been normal. It’s been raining like crazy here, so we haven’t been able to enjoy our nightly neighborhood walks. I think that may be the source of my grumpiness. I have been able to knit. I don’t think I’ll ever finish Audrey’s sleeves. While I’m glad that they will be even, I don’t know if I will knit two sleeves at the same time again. I have long arms, like go-go-gadget arms, so sleeves take a while anyway. But, when you do two at once, they take even longer. I’m also working on a Sophie bag, for my sanity. It’s my second recent project that came out of my stash, no yarn purchase involved. The yarn is left over from my Suki bag. I made a Suki junior, so ended up having a bunch of yarn left over. Tonight, I’m getting my hair cut, short. I used to be a short hair girl. Since I got married, I have been in wedding after wedding, so it’s just been easier to keep it long. I still have one more wedding to go, but the bride in that one doesn’t care, and I really don’t think longer hair is flattering on me. I say it’s long, but it’s just below my shoulders, so it’s not that long, just long to me. If I like it, I’ll post pictures. Well, if you have muddled through this rambling post, gold star for you! We will resume our normal blog posts soon. šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “A typical day

  1. I drink sweat tea only now, and Arizon Ginsing with honey has half the sugar, calories etc then a coke, gingerale or lemonaid.
    But the issue that happened when i stopped drinking soda is now I am hungry more. I need to have more sweat tea at home (more sugar then the arizona) for when I get hungry so i drink instead of eat.
    I realized that this morning after 6 months of wondering why I have gained some weight. Because i eat when i am hungry instead of drinking like I did before! BUT i am healthier šŸ™‚

  2. How did the haircut turn out?? I’m a short hair girl too, although I’m trying to grow it long for my sister’s wedding and for Jacob…silly boys.
    Love the doggy pics! And your blankets look so soft and cuddly. Isn’t it fun to think that some doggy or kitty will curl up and be happy from a blanket you made??

  3. Do you live next door to me? It’s been raining like crazy here too. (Michigan) Rainy days are so good for sitting on the couch reading, and eating bad things. šŸ™‚

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