Knitters and Critters

Yay! I finally finished the blanket I’ve been working on for the Critter Knitters Knit-a-thon. I think it turned out to be around 34″ by 34″. I wanted to make a big one for the medium sized doggies (like my T-Bone) that need warmth, too. And, at the risk of excessive animal sentimentality, T-Bone is modeling the blanket for me.



Well, I hope your weekend was as good as mine. I actually felt productive so I got a ton of housework completed and had some time to cook (which I enjoy when I have time). I spent a lot of time knitting and we only left the house once on Saturday and once on Sunday. It was nice, especially since we’re booked for the next three weekends. I have a lot to look forward to this week. My husband’s friend got a boat and we’re going to get to go out on it Tuesday night and Friday night my best friend from Utah will be in town. Oh, and I started a Sophie bag to give me some quick gratification as I continue to plug away on Audrey. Have a great week!

PS Thanks for all your kind comments on the bucket and the pictures, it was fun!


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