Bucket the System*

I was going to try to wait. But I just can’t. I wanted to spread my finished objects around a little bit. You know, save one for when things get kinda slow. But I just couldn’t wait! So, I present to you my Bottoms Up Bucket O Chic! You can click for the obligatory “show off the hat” ones, here and here. The first one is the top of the hat, so you can see that there is a varigated yarn in the brim that fades from dark pink to lighter pink to white, with a little bit of purple mixed in. The second picture is the cheesy smile for the camera pic.

Just a few words about how my bucket process went. I completed this in one day (while on vacation) in Bernat Cotton Tots. The gauge wasn’t quite right, so I ended up knitting the smallest size to make it work. I admit to laziness in testing needles and things and when the first one started to look too big, I just went down two sizes instead. When I finished, it was bit bigger around and shorter than I was happy with. So, I threw it in a hot wash and hot dry. That took care of shrinking it around, but of course shrunk it a bit in height too. I threw it on my head and pulled down on it. I know that’s unscientific, but it worked to help it fit. The brim was a bit floppy, so I put it on something (in this case a little fish bowl) so that the edges rested on the table in the way I wanted. I sprayed it lightly with spray starch and let it dry over night. Now, I love it! Last night, I was not so sure.

Now on to the fun ones! My husband thought black and white would be fun, since we already showed you the color of the hat and all. He’s getting fairly competitive about this entering a contest business. He has determined that some nationally acclaimed photographer is going to come and steal the prize right from under his nose. The photo shoot was very extensive and he will not tolerate imperfection, especially from our canine model. 🙂 He asked me if I would win money. I told him that I would win yarn, which in my world, may be better. He asked if I would split it with him. We are in negitiations.

This represents the best part of summer. Spending time outside in cute summer accessories. All I’m missing is a tall lemonade.


And, I couldn’t be in a fluffa knitalong without having a dancing shot. T-Bone thought I would have a better chance if he danced with me. In reality, I think that he just wanted to impress Lucy (see Becky’s Elfin photoshoot). He’s been admiring her and her moves since March. I haven’t had the heart to tell him she lives in France. Shhh….

*am I the only one who has seen this commercial?


8 thoughts on “Bucket the System*

  1. Hey, Sarah, I changed my cell phone company but decided to keep my phone number. There will be a few days where I wont be able to receive any phone calls but I can call out on the phone. If you call and get my old voice mail then I probably wont get your message. So email me until my number is “ported” over. I will let you know when, k?

  2. T-Bone looks so cute dancin’ around in that picture! And you look lovely as well! What a great hat! Nice job, and nice pictures. It’s fun when the boys get involved in the knitting stuff, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. Very cute! I’m so glad that I discovered your site. The photos are great, especially the black and white (we take a lot of those, too, but so far the knitting ones are in color). The dancing pooch is great. Bravo on a lovely bucket!

  4. Thank you for posting what you did with your bucket. I just finished a cotton bucket that turned out a bit too big and floppy, and I have never blocked anything in my life. Now I have an idea of something to try.

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