New Look

As you have probably gathered from the frequency with which I change my blog, I like change. Change is good. I am easily bored with leaving things the same. So, since I felt like I was out of ideas but wanted something different, Jen helped me out. Fun, huh? (thanks, Jen!)

This weekend, I got to work more on Audrey and finally finished the first body piece, I suppose it will be the back. I’m going to do a sleeve next and then I’ll be almost halfway finished. It was a fairly busy weekend, though. I met some friends for putt putt on Friday night, then worked Saturday morning and had more friends over Saturday night. They stayed until late until the night, but I konked out at like 11 p.m. (they’re good friends so they understood). Then yesterday I recovered, did some knitting and lots of housework. I was supposed to work on a paper, but that will have to happen tonight. It’s my last hurdle to jump over in order to complete my last semester of grad school classes. Yippee! I’m not quite finished yet, there’s still this little thing called a thesis looming, but I’m getting closer.


7 thoughts on “New Look

  1. Care to offer any assitance on how to design a banner??? Did you pay someone to design it for you?? I would really like a banner on my blog! Also, good luck with finishing grad school, I’m just starting and its just no fun to give up knitting time for homework is it!!! 😦

  2. Oooh… Nice look! You must have a really cool banner-designer friend! 🙂 Hee-hee! I like the way you laid out the colors on the blog – it looks great with the banner! Good luck with your paper.

  3. Kate, I worked up a trade with Jen to help me with a banner. She gets yarn, I get a new look, we’re all happy. 🙂 I’ve made other previous banners using PhotoShop and they aren’t too hard to make once you get used to it.

  4. wow! it looks great! i love the banner and colors! last week i was told by some ladies at knitting group that pale pink is the new black! teehee…

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