This story is completely unrelated to knitting but I thought I would share it anyway. After all, as I have to remind myself frequently, a blog is for the writer and if readers enjoy it then that’s a bonus.

This week I heard someone on the radio mention that both of his grandfather’s fought in World War II. I thought, “Wow, me too.” While I realize that the current war is vastly different from the wars of the past, it makes me feel closer to them to know what it’s like to be in a time of war. I now know what it’s like to have friends overseas and fearing for their safety, which is something I had not experienced before. It’s funny how the littlest things jog our memories. When he said that, I instantly thought of Pa and Grandad. I was transported to feeling so small up against Pa’s big, rough hands and the roughness of his shaven face and the smell of his aftershave. I could remember the night I spent at Grandad’s house when my parents were out of town and how he insisted on brushing my hair that morning even though I was old enough to brush my own hair. He told me that he used to brush the hair of his mom and sisters. While I miss them both in different ways, just having this brief memory brought me back to them.

I am grateful for little things that jog our memories and make us remember the people who have been important to us. I hope that this little story will help you remember someone important to you. Have a great weekend and I promise knitting updates next week. 🙂


One thought on “Remember

  1. It made me think of my Aunt who sewed summer tops for me and one for my baby doll. And took all 7 of her nieces and nephews camping with no help for 1 week each summer.

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