The Frogging Debate

I suppose we’ve all been there. An UFO sits in the yarn closet (or basket, or box) and you wonder, is it worth picking back up again? My debate began last night. I was digging through my yarn closet to find suitable yarn for a bit of destashing and found the tower of zodiac. I keep the UFO’s in a drawer so they don’t haunt me, but the yarn that I haven’t used on them yet stays on the shelves. I found 6 or 7 skeins of beautiful maroon Karabella Zodiac, hidden by a stack of odds and ends. So, the question surfaces, do I pick up the Zoe in progress that I started last August or do I hit the frog pond? Some of you may remember Zoe. It’s a cabled cap-sleeved pattern from Karabella. I love the pattern and love the yarn, but I’m just not sure that I want to do it again. Tonight, I may let Zoe go. I am inspired by the yarn, just not about embarking on the pattern again, so I think I will be doing some frogging tonight. I’ve never frogged something after a prolonged amount of time so any tips on getting the kinks worked out would be helpful.


2 thoughts on “The Frogging Debate

  1. what did you not like about zoe? i jsut recently purchased this pattern, even though i have no ide just when i’ll be able to get to it.

  2. Wind into hanks around a chair back and then tie the hank in 2 or 4 spots with the yarn ends or waste yarn. Gently soak in a mild bath. Hang in your shower from the rod and add a hanger or weight to the bottom of the “loop”. Hang until dry. But the Zoe looks gorgeous!

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