Fun Filled Weekend!

Disclaimer: When you click on the pics, they are really big because I didn’t get to edit them with photoshop. Consider yourself warned. 🙂
This weekend was eventful, that’s for sure. We spent Friday trying to prepare for the Crawfish Boil we hosted for people my husband works for on Saturday. crawfish_boil2Friday we discovered that there was going to be some crazy thunderstorms in the area, so we developed a rain plan. The rain plan was our garage. I know the first pic is kinda dark but I wanted to show you the madness of having 30 people and 3 dogs in and out of your garage eating crawfish. So, we cooked the crawfish just outside our garage and ate it in the garage. The event started at 2 p.m. and everyone didn’t leave until 11 p.m. I think everyone had a good time, in spite of the rain. We bought 99 pounds of crawfish and, what we didn’t eat, we peeled to make etoufee (sp?) with later. crawfish_boil3I also saved some of the leftover potatoes to make mashed potatoes with. I’m told you can freeze them. Oh, and there’s some pictures for those of you who are okay with eating crawfish, them hanging out in a tub before cooking and the big ole’ cooking pot.

Friday, before the madness started, I got another gift from my Secret Pal! secret_pal_gift
Yippee! This one was extra creative. It was a little book of envelopes that she stamped herself. One had stitch markers, one had row counters, one had point protecters and needles and the final one had a Lowe’s Gift Card (very useful since it seems we are always in home improvement stores getting something for the house). Thank you, Secret Pal!

Sunday, we recovered. We cleaned up and I got a lot of knitting time in, making lots of progress with Audrey. I hope to have the back finished tonight and will post a pic on the Audrey blog when I do. Oh, I’m so happy to have my life back from school. 🙂


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