On Again

Audrey and I have had an on again, off again relationship lately. As in, she’s on the needles one minute and off the needles the next. I’ve made some silly mistakes and really want to be happy with this sweater so I’m probably being a bit more picky than I usually am. However, Audrey is on again and I’m determined to keep it that way this time. 🙂

That should be possible because I’ll be less distracted. The evil class I had this semester that consumed my life is now over. I turned in my final project last night. Who knows what kind of grade I’ll end up with but I’m considering it a personal victory to have finished. The next big hurdle ahead, hosting a crawfish boil this weekend for people that work with my husband. Lots of work, but it should be fun.


2 thoughts on “On Again

  1. Hi Sarah! I missed you! Congratulations on finishing the class! Yeah! Are you completely finished with school now? No homework will be a very good thing. Have fun at your crawfish boil…. I know you will have fun.

  2. Congratulations on finishing that class! And good for you on being picky with Audrey. She’s high end and needs a picky knitter, I think. Can’t wait to see yours 🙂

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