I got home today, exhausted, from a conference for work. I knew that a pile of homework awaited me. But, I didn’t know that there were treats waiting for me, as well.


Stef sent me yarn, Nivea hand cream (I think that’s what it is, the label is in German and it’s very soft), gummy candy, a cool postcard, and my favorite, Kinder Eggs! They are such fun and so tasty! You may have noticed that the yarn matches the calmer I’m currently using for Audrey. I should have plenty of yarn left over from Audrey to do something fun with these two very soft yarns. Well, I know this isn’t a very substantial post, but I did want to thank Stef for rockin’ my world with some treats (which I will be trading her other future American goodies for) and to let you guys know I am back in action.

Preview for my next post, I’ve started Audrey (again) and I bought a dress to match Birch (yes, another black dress, I’m out of control). More soon, think good thoughts as I try to finish out my crazy class – only two more days!


3 thoughts on “Treats!

  1. Yay for treats! I want to see photos of the new black dress… Does Birch match this one? Oh, and I haven’t had time to work on the banner yet. I will have some time tomorrow. 🙂

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