You’ve Got a Friend

Several friend updates have been happening around here lately. Yesterday, I got a call from my friend from college. I’ve been a slacker about keeping up with her so we don’t talk very often. But, the last time she was over (it had to have been six months ago) I was showing her all of the things I had made. She acted interested but I didn’t want to push her into it. She called yesterday to say that she’d been taking a knitting class! I was so excited. So, we’re planning to have dinner soon and then go somewhere to knit for a while. It will be such fun.

Sunday, I got a call from my best friend from High School and he and his wife are expecting their first child! Besides my excitement for them, the first thing that started to go through my mind was the baby items I could knit for them. 🙂 Talk about a one track mind. So, I am thinking about the alphabet blanket from a Debbie Bliss book that I have. I want it to be something really special and I have plenty of time since she isn’t due until the end of the year. But, I have a thousand projects on my plate before then.

My knitting life is pretty boring right now. I’m obsessed with birch so I’m not knitting on anything else. Once I finish Birch, I think I’ll diversify again by casting on for Audrey and throwing a bottoms up bucket in there for good measure. More homework on tap for tonight, but I’m hoping I can squeeze some knitting in there somewhere as Birch is getting really close to being finished, if I go with the rectangular style. I’m still deciding.


4 thoughts on “You’ve Got a Friend

  1. Yay new knitters, especially close friends! And yay baby knitting…I love baby knitting because it’s all tiny and adorable and cuddly. And usually finished faster than adult clothes.
    Can’t wait to see Birch…I know it’s going to be beautiful.

  2. Yay! Knitting for babies! I have a few to knit for – some of my good friends are having babies this year, too.
    And hooray for good friends knitting! This weekend I did a mini-class for my sister and a really good friend – they all did so well, although they kept twisting their stitches. But we had fun!

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