Wish I had more to say

But I don’t. I ended up staying home sick on Friday and got some knitting time in. I really needed a day to just sit on the couch but my oh my was I bored out of my mind! I did get some progress in on birch and am now up around 10 inches complete. It’s looking really good and just getting easier and easier. Now, I’m reaching the point of having to make a decision about it, though. I need to decide whether I want to make it a rectangular wrap or a triangular wrap. I thought I might just go to about a foot complete and bind off, making it rectangular so I can wrap it around my shoulders and tie it in the back. But, now I’m thinking I might want to make it bigger. I don’t know. I may just put it on some waste yarn when I get to that point and try it on to see what I think. It would make my decision easier than just looking at it all scruched up on the needles.

The rest of the weekend, I did homework. I’m working on a group project for school and we got together for most of the day Saturday and most of the day Sunday! We’re still not finished, but getting closer and we’re finally to the point where we can work on things separately. I also went shopping for a dress to wear in the wedding I’m making Birch for. I just need a plain black dress, but am having problems because this year “color is in” apparantly. I found a bunch of dresses I liked, but it has to be plain black to match the other bridesmaids, so I’ll continue the search.

I’m focusing all of my energy on Birch until it’s finished. I need a finished object right now, so I’m not going to divide my efforts. Then, as soon as it’s complete, I’ll devote myself to Audrey! I can hardly wait to get my hands on that calmer!


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