Birch is Calling

Okay, so now that Birch is working, I’m a little obsessed. When I arrive at home at night, it’s like I’m drawn to it. It’s always a bit like that with knitting, but the lace thing is pretty fun since each row is a bit different. It keeps my attention, which is sometimes hard to do. I can finally knit Birch while watching TV (as long as it’s not tv that I have to concentrate to follow). I’m getting a little bit faster at it, too. Granted, I’ve still only made it through three pattern repeats (24 rows), but it’s moving right along. It looks and feels great, too, so that’s exciting. It has been rainy all weekend, so unfortunately I don’t have pictures to share with you.

This weekend, I found a yarn sale, so I went a little crazy and purchased MORE cotton yarn for tank tops. I currently have enough yarn for at least five tank tops. That’s a bit embarrassing. 🙂 My yarn shopping really needs to come to a halt. The only thing I really want to get, which I think would be functional, is yarn for a sitcom chic or similar cardigan. I need something to wear over all of these tank tops! I would like to make a black one which can be worn with most of the tank top yarn that I have. For now, I am going to re-cast on for Audrey and get started on my Tax Shell-ter Knitalong Project. Last year, I met a group doing the Boatneck Shell and this year, instead of doing the same pattern, we’re doing choose your own tank. We are casting on April 15th and I will be making a pink and white striped ChicKami.

I’m really having project desire overload right now. I must contain myself. I have so many things I want to knit, half-finished projects that need to be knitted up, and not near enough time to work on either!!! I am going to try to be better, taking one step at a time to accomplish the mountain of projects I have set up for myself!


One thought on “Birch is Calling

  1. You’re completely opposite from me. I want a black tank top, and then I want to make different cardis to go over it. Either way, it’s the same problem…too many projects, never enough time.

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