Which news do you want first?

bad news
How ’bout I start with the bad news and end on a positive note with the good news. The bad news is that today was Froggin’ Friday! I frogged Audrey AND Birch. Birch was fun to frog, let me tell you. Audrey I just put on the ball winder and went to town. I never realized how much having a ballwinder would reduce the pain of destroying something. Here was Audrey before…


It was okay, and I liked the decreases, but you really can’t see my problem in this picture, the increases. I could not find an increase that didn’t result in a hole. Also, since such a great dart alternative has been shared on the Audrey blog, I decided just to cut my losses and make something I’ll really like.

Now, onto Birch. I had gotten off of the pattern somewhere in my first pattern repeat, resulting in some messed up leaves. 🙂 At first, I decided that it would be okay, nobody would notice, primarily because I didn’t want to cast on 299 stitches again. But, the more I looked at it, the more I realized that I would notice and if I’m going to put that much time into a garment I need to like it. So, into the frog pond we went. What the pattern should look like is on the left and where it’s messed up is on the right. There are probably “prettier” ways to show you these, but it’s easier to see the difference in a side by side comparison.


You can see that the little center row of loops should, well, go through the center, but it is disjointed in the “bad birch”. This weekend, I will start my projects over with a clean slate and hopefully make more progress on my Critter Knitter’s blanket, too.

good news
I got the greatest easter egg in the mail yesterday from my secret pal. Behold…


The Koigo KPPM Egg! How AMAZING! Three delicious skeins all in an easter egg. I love the colors, too. Now, I must make socks! Thank you secret pal!!! Happy Easter weekend to all!


5 thoughts on “Which news do you want first?

  1. Love the color of your birch. I made a similar mistake on mine. Thank goodness my mom just finished the one she was making and gave it to me. 🙂 Good luck frogging it. I have been avoiding frogging mine.

  2. What an awesome Easter Egg!
    I love the color of your Audrey. And Birch has been calling to me, but I think everyone has had to frog it at least once…ugh.

  3. ooh! that egg is adorable! you will have some great socks when you’re through with it.
    and the audrey color is lovely. 🙂 hope you enjoy it much more this time around…

  4. Oh, man! What a great Easter egg from your secret pal. I didn’t get anything from the Easter Bunny, or from my KSP… Time for some self-imposed stash enhancement, I guess!

  5. aaaaawe man!!!!! sorry about the frogging, but you’ll be happy that you did when you have finished pieces that you’re happy to wear. and what a great trunaround with the easter egg!!!! great colors. ooooh man, i’m trying with all my might not to order koigu and fall in love with it. those woudl be exactly the colors i would get!!!! hey, sis i ever mention that i received your swatches??? i can’t remember if i posted to the group about that or not. anyhow, i love the log cabin swatch andn ow i want to make a bunch of them!!!!!!

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