Problem Solved

When last we joined our unlikely heroine, she had decided to conquer Birch. Her sidekicks were astonished at her selection since the challenge might be insurmountable in light of the other villains that loom in the distance. But wait, what’s that light shining on the horizon. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s the new Knitty!

Okay, so I’m a little silly today, but I think I’m just silly with excitement! For one, I bought the new Vogue Knitting yesterday and there are several patterns in there to satisfy my summer knitting goals! Then, I got to start on Audrey and make some new friends on the Audrey Knit-along. As if that wasn’t enough, I arrive at work today to discover that there is a new Knitty! Now, I haven’t even scratched the surface of the new Knitty, but I have looked through the patterns. I am in love with “Variation on a Frill”. I think it is going to be the perfect compliment to any black dress and is cheaper and possibly easier than Birch would be. So, you heard it here first folks, that will be the wrap I make for the wedding I’m in this May! Birch and I may meet someday, on down the road, when I have a few less things on my plate.

Join us next time as our heroine enters (booming announcer voice) The Quest for Yarn!


3 thoughts on “Problem Solved

  1. Glad you have been able to get back to your knitting. Just wanted to tell you that I got approved for sure on my mortgage and I am putting an offer on a house. Cool beans, huh?????

  2. Yay! for happy knitting days! But I’m a bit confused as to why you refer to yourself as a highly addictive narcotic (heroin), instead of a woman noted for courage and daring action (heroine). Hmmm… Well, in any case, good to hear you’re silly with excitement! Yay!

  3. hahaha…thanks Jen, nothing like a grammar avenger on the prowl…I knew it looked funny but couldn’t figure out why. I bet I’ve gotten some interesting searches this weekend. 🙂

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