I Need Some Calmer!

Okay, maybe I just need some calm, but calmer would be good, too. 🙂 This week is mass chaos in my world. Tonight I have a mid-term, tommorow night I have a paper due and I spent Monday on-campus observing a class for my research project and Tuesday night on-campus working on the paper. So, I’ve pretty much seen my bed and husband just long enough to say good night and go to sleep. Plus some chaos happened at work between a co-worker and myself (probably a product of my stress) so that didn’t help matters any. I’m including this just because my mom will laugh but apparantly there is a problem with my “strong personality”. I’ve heard other terms given to women with strong personalities, but I’ll leave it at that. Anyway, absolutely zero knitting has been going on! However, I am determined to finish the Critter Knitter blanket and get swatching for Audrey. The Audrey-along starts tommorow (I think) and I want it to be a knit-along and not a knit-behind, so I’m going to try to get going on that this weekend. Thus, my need for calmer. Sorry for the lack of knitting news. As soon as I am able to pick the needles up again (please let it be tonight), you’ll be the first to know; okay maybe the third to know as I’m sure that T-Bone and Jason (the dh) will notice since I’ll be knitting instead of doing dishes or the million other things that need to be done around the house. 🙂 OH, and I forgot one very important thing in my previous post – a BIG thank you to my Secret Pal for the very cool gift! Now that I can keep track of my knitting accessories, I can buy more of them. 😉


One thought on “I Need Some Calmer!

  1. I will send your boss the book that Granny sent me when you were 3 or 4 years old….How To Deal With the Strong-Willed Child. lol I am actually proud of your strength, in personality and in life, and probably encouraged it. So your boss will just have to deal with it!

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