It isn’t easy…

being green
Okay, okay, so I’m a muppets fanatic and on this green holiday I had to give a little shout out to good ole’ kermit the frog. I realized today that I don’t own anything that is dressy enough to wear to work in green. This is a horrible testament to the blandness of my wardrobe. I basically own things in four colors – black, red, blue and purple. That’s it. There are few exceptions.

I’m getting closer to making a decision about the shawl. Thank you all for your suggestions, they have helped tremendously. I think I might go with the wave and shell shawl that Rachael hosted a knit-allong for. I looked at the pattern and it appears to be something I can get my brain around, so it might be a good start. Plus, I won’t be fighting the Kidsilk Haze battle during my first venture into lace. I put out an email to the boys at threadbear to get some yarn suggestions. I want something that is black but has a fun texture to it. Now to find a dress to wear with the shawl. 🙂 I have to wear a black dress for the wedding and they are allowing us to pick it out, it’s just a matter of having time to go shopping.

In other news, I’m stalking my mailbox for my Rowan yarn. It should arrive sometime this week and I couldn’t be more excited. I know that when it comes, I’m just going to want to swatch it immediately. I finished one leg of the no-sweat pants last night. It really does go pretty quickly, I just haven’t had a ton of knitting time lately. Oh, and I got a great st. patricks day e-card from my secret pal! What fun! It was beautiful and the lettering really did remind me of a cabled sweater!


One thought on “It isn’t easy…

  1. Whatever you decide to do will be great. I found out that lace isn’t really too difficult if you pare into down into sections, use lots of stitch markers and stick a life line in once and a while.

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