Lace Up

Okay, so my no new projects mantra may go slightly out the window. I know I have plenty to work on, especially with the Audrey yarn on its way and all of the yarn staring at me in the yarn closet just begging to be used. BUT, as I mentioned yesterday, I am considering making a shawl/wrap sort of thing for the wedding in May that I’m a bridesmaid in. I may not wear it during the actual wedding, but it would be fun to wear afterwards. So, it needs to be basic black (because that’s what the bride has requested) and I would prefer something shaped more like a rectangle than a triangle. That said, here are the two options I have so far.

option 1
Birch from Rowan 34. This would be my first venture into lace knitting. I have no idea if this would be a good first project to experiment with but I really want to challenge myself and improve my skills. So, I was thinking this might be a good way to do that.

option 2
This shoulder scarf. The main difference between this and Birch is that it doesn’t require any lace work. It is simply knit on big needles. My fear is that it won’t look that great in a plain black yarn since there’s not much to the stitch pattern.

The phone lines are open, please let me know what you think I should do in my comments section. Any insight would be helpful. In the meantime, I’ll keep on knitting my no-sweat pants, working on some swatches and doggie blankets, and watching the mailbox for goodies from my secret pal and Colourway.

PS Can I just tell you how difficult it is for me to not tell you about my plans and things for my secret pal? It is such fun that I want to share it, but instead, I will share it only with the person who is currently on the receiving end, until I can reveal it to the world! šŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Lace Up

  1. They’re both beautiful, you’re right though, the plain shawl will look like a “plain” shawl in black. Your best bet would be to knit Birch. What yarn are you planning on using?

  2. i’ve been looking for kind of the same rectangular type shawl/stole. just purchased cabin fever evening in eden 078 from elann.com. it has 3 yarn options and an even lace pattern. would be very pretty for a wedding.

  3. I like the plain shawl, I think Birch looks challenging for a first lace project – but that may be because I have an intense dislike of Kid silk haze. Do you already have the black yarn? What about if you used something a little “intersting” like Berocco zen or another ribbon yarn?

  4. For a wedding, I vote Birch. It looks dressier. You can do it! You will get a lot of use out of this wrap in the future, since it’s in basic black.

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