So, we survived another round of weddings relatively well. We are pretty exhausted, but that is to be expected. Now to gear up for the weddings that are coming up in May and June. Whew!

The other source of stress in my life at this point is school. We are working on a group project (which happens to make up our entire grade) and running into every speed bump imaginable. This is causing quite a bit stress and drama. BUT, it’s spring break this week, at least from school, so we won’t talk about that.

In knitting news, I am almost finished with one leg of my No Sweat Pants. I may take a break from the pants to work on some swatches, just for some instant gratification. I have really long legs so the No Sweat Pants are taking a little while. We’re not sure if we are going on that vacation I mentioned last weekend, but will probably still be pooling allowances for some kind of a vacation, so I’ll be working out of the yarn I own (which is not like it’s prohibiting, I need some stash control especially with the shipment I should receive this week). But, I am considering my first adventure into some sort of lace knitting. I need a shawl/wrap type thing to wear to the wedding in May that I’m in. I was cold at the wedding this weekend, so I need a little something. I was thinking about Birch from Rowan #34, but wanted to hear what others thought of it before I buy the book. I’d love to hear other ideas, too!


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