In the Way

So, this having a house thing could really get in the way of my knitting time. I have this “domestic goddess” thing going on since we moved into the house. The dishes are never dirty, dinner is on the table every night (and it actually comes from a recipe rather than a box) and the house stays nice and tidy. However, all this housework has cut into the time I used to spend knitting. Today at work I have to make a bunch of phone calls so I’m hoping to get some knitting in there. Also, I’m going to block off some time tonight to watch tv (american idol, 24, top model, oh my!) and knit my little heart out. We may just eat leftovers, but all of this cooking has left plenty to choose from.

Maybe Thursday night I will work on my knitting closet. I have an entire closet for my yarn, books and knitting accessories. I am so excited to have this space, but right now everything is in boxes. I really have to get it organized before my order from colourway comes in or I’m never going to be able to fit it all in there. In my planning of this, I have a question. How do you all organize your circular needles? My straight needles just go thrown into a jar of some sort and I find them as I need them. That doesn’t really work for circs since everything gets tangled up, so any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “In the Way

  1. i have two different things that i use. One is a bag that has different compartments for my needles. Also, in my ‘yarn room’ which is my bedrom (hehe) I have a fold up box of drawers (cardboard, nice design, from Walmart) that I throw all my circs into. when i am travelling i throw them into a ziplock bag!!

  2. I keep 2 rubbermaid boxes for needles. One is oblong and has short straights and doublepoints. Long straights are in a basket I made, sort of like a quiver (for arrows, like robin hood) that hangs on a hook. Circulars, which was what you asked about, go in a square rubbermaid box. I keep a needle sizer in with them so I don’t have to look for one. good luck! My system, now that I have a closet for my stash and WIPs, doesn’t stay as good as I think it should. And I often can’t remember my rationale for putting something in a particular box. Oh, well, it is a start!

  3. Bit late, but I store my circs in a cute case that someone sewed for me. I wish I had a pattern link I could share with you!
    P.S. You sound just like me, only I don’t cook every single night. (I’m a lazy cook, so hubby and I take turns.) But the house is always impeccable…I have a thing about dirt. Hee hee!

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