Title {take 5}

I’m having a hard time coming up with a title today. Perhaps it’s the paint fumes that have my brainfried. Well, as you can see, I have returned to blogland. I have missed it oh so much. Not only have I not had time to check in on the blogs and post, I have also not had internet access at home. We were scheduled to have it on Saturday, but that did not pan out, so we should be all hooked up when I get home today.

This weekend was crazy. We closed on Thursday, packed and bought stuff on Friday, moved on Saturday, installed fans and miniblinds on Sunday and started unpacking yesterday. Over the course of the weekend, we (with the help of friends and family) installed two ceiling fans, four miniblinds and painted my husband’s office. That is not to mention the moving and unpacking that took place. I am so glad to have it behind us. We have decided to live here forever. Okay, so that won’t happen, but I do not wish to relive the moving experience anytime soon. I can say that I love my house. I love living in a house. I walk out in the morning and it is quiet. We can turn up our radio as loud as we want. I don’t have to walk up 3 flights of stairs with armloads of groceries. And, the best part, I have an entire closet just for my knitting items. Previously, I only had a hanging shoe organizer. Now, I have a whole closet with shelves. It will house my knitting items and all other crafty endeavours.

As Amy alluded to, I am trying desparately to reclaim some knitting time, but I haven’t had any in over a week. I suppose that the first step is to unpack my yarn. It might be a good idea to finish unpacking my clothes, first, though. Thanks for all of your encouraging words and I look forward to live getting back to my version of normal!


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