Calling All Audreys

Since there are so many knitbloggers out there who are gearing up to knit Audrey, I figured we need a knitalong. Things are always more fun when you do them with friends. 🙂 I am eyeing the yarn at Colourway on a daily basis trying to decide which color to order. I better make my move before all of the Calmer is claimed. So, I haven’t ordered yarn yet, making it at least mid-March before my Audrey kicks off. But, I can’t wait to see everyone’s progress and to learn from the fun times of others as I prepare to make mine. So, if you are interested in yet another knitalong, let me know in the comments. Assuming there’s enough interest, we’ll need a button. I’ll get to work on that, but if anyone else wants to make one, that would be great, too.

I may be missing in action for a few days. We close on our house tommorow. The good news is that the two papers I have to submit for class are basically finished (they will be completely finished by today at lunch). So, tommorow we enter the world of homeowners everywhere. That means that we will have a really cool place to live and be really in debt. It’s exciting and intimidating all at once. I can’t wait to paint the walls and to live somewhere that is “ours”. In the midst of the emotional side, there is a lot of work to be done. Tommorow we have our walkthrough and we close. Friday we have to buy appliances and spend a fortune at home depot on odds and ends. Saturday we move and lay sod in the back yard. Then, Sunday, we install mini-blinds and ceiling fans. Hopefully, Monday we will get to rest and I will get to pick up my knitting again. It’s making me crazy not to knit, but tonight I’m packing most of my stash. Maybe I’ll leave out yarn so I can start another pair of socks. I’ll be checking in periodically, but may not post, so I’ll see you on the flip side!


One thought on “Calling All Audreys

  1. sending you good wishes for your move and the multiple trips to home depot!
    i am hoping to join in the audrey knitalong, since i have 10 lovely balls of calmer in light blue hanging out at home..i will probably start when you do, if not a little later. i have to finish lily first!

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