What Next?

Well, Sarah asked what is up for me next. That’s something I’m trying to decide. I do think I’ve narrowed it down. After being impressed by the condition of the microspun sweater that I made for my friend’s baby, I’m compelled to use all of my leftovers for a bright chickami. I think that will be a good, fairly easy project to tackle during the move. I’m also planning to pick up Zoe again, my cabled top from Karabella. As usual, I have more projects on my agenda then I have time to complete, but I am excited about the projects that await for me.

Oh, how I love moving. We are probably about halfway packed. This weekend, I get the honor of packing the rest of our junk, donating the stuff we aren’t taking with us and deep cleaning our apartment because we close a week from tommorow! Unbelievable! Hopefully, this little cold/flu bug that has tackled me will let go by this weekend so I will be able to make some progress. Today, I didn’t leave the comfort of my couch and it looks like I won’t make it to class tonight, either. Nothing major, more of a nuisance than anything. Thanks for the nice comments on the ribby shell! Once I feel better, I’m going to try to take some more pictures that show off more of the details of the shell. It was fun combining two patterns and, while it’s not perfect, it is definitely wearable.


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